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By: Julian Ribinik

The Shortcomings of Modern Medicine in Diagnosing Future Health Issues in Children and How to Address Them

Table of Contents: Introduction The Limitations of “Sick-Care” The Importance of Early Detection and Prevention Taking Your Health into Your Own Hands The Solution: A Preventative Approach Conclusion Introduction Are you aware of your children’s and your own health status? It’s no secret that modern medicine has made significant advancements in diagnosing and treating various … Read more

By: Keto Fitness Coaching

How Keto Can Affect Your Sleep: Understanding the Connection

You have started your Keto diet, combining protein and veggies like a champ. But you’ve noticed you are not sleeping as well as you used to. You wonder, “Is this normal?” If you’ve got questions about the keto diet and sleep, we’ve got you covered.  Keep reading because this article will help you to understand … Read more

By: Keto Fitness Coaching

Can a low carb diet really reverse type 2 diabetes?

As a nutrition coach, there’s a particular question that I get asked at least once a week. And that is: Can a low carb diet really reverse type 2 diabetes? It’s a great question, and my clients are always so excited to hear me say “yes”! BUT (unfortunately, there’s always a but)… if you stop … Read more